you should visit my blog because in it you may coment me about some thing you dislike so I can improve it or you may suggest me some good things that my blog may have or some thin different you want to comment about. remember you are free on my blog;)
also soner I will start poustin new and funer things just give me some days and you well see that in an eye blink my blog wel be FULL, I may say the blink of the eye well be very slow but eny way you would see.
In this new unit we are working on technology so that's why I HAVE to write so much about it.
but is fine with me I kind of like the technology. =D
Today at school our teacher had a surprise for us, I thought it was a gift like some lollipops for being good at class, but unfortunately I was wrong, instead of lollipops it was better ( between us there is nothing better than lollipops but let´s pretend there is)  it was a lady named Rocio who was kind of  young, well at least I think was younger than my teacher, she showed us how to make  good,  catchy publicity and promoting them by using technology . In the end   she gave us several samples. 

                                                  (sorry I was planning to put some videos with the samples 
                                                          that Rocio gave us but they are difficult to find)

after those several samples I couldn’t  even find, she told us that publicity needs to follow some rules like
#1 interact with your audience, attracts them more, try to include this rule on your advertising                                      
#2 check your competition to prevent later being accused of piracy
#3 sell or promote your product were people need them  (example teen girls are most often at the mall)
#4 investigate deeply the people you are going to sell your product, they can help you to find things they like and use that as  a way to make your product success a lot !!!

And always remember, your creativity to show the publicity is very helpful at the time you are going to show it.

in thise past days  i have seen making a blog is harder, you may think its paisting lots of information on a page and adding some fotos but making a blog is much more dificult, for example this page looks net and clean but it extres me I want to put a coment but I cant !
 yes you may say push te comment butom and write, but dont  think I havent try it because I had push that butom over hundred times and my work has disapird or get very confusing so can some one inteligent tell me whatc
To be honest with you at the moment blogging or making a blog is not fun, because I have written this paragraph 3 times and each time my work has erased but, do you know what type of technology  is super and doesn't erase when I finish writing a paragraph -PREZI, this program is fantastic, it allows you to make excellent presentations in which you may put videos, fotos and engage your audience's atention!!!!
Well if you haven't tried Prezi go and google prezi, the zooming presentation editor and see for your selves HOW marvelous of it is :)