YouTube is a well known internet space in which you can see videos and also publish yours, is one of the things most seen by people in the last years, YouTube uses  Adobe flash to display a wide variety of user generated video content. It has never stopped received comments since 2005; it has impacted the whole earth in a way that the magazine TIME has decided to name it the invention of the year. YouTube was invented by three employs of Paypal, named Chard Hurley, Steve Chen and jawed Karim, but in November 2006 Google inc. bought it by 1650 million dollars, and until now it has the same owner.  In YouTube you may find music, movies, videos, information, news, commercials, etc. Another interesting fact is that it is estimated that over 65.000 videos are upload daily.  This grown is because many videos impact the audience so they talk to different people about it, and more and more people see the video.

YouTube services connect people like never before. For the first time you will be able to film and puts your video, so everybody can see it and also see any video you like. You can also download a video, upload your own video. You may also share your opinion about the videos YouTube is also a media of communication because you can watch the news on it, for example who is winning the elections campaign in a country, the message that President of Frances, Nicolas Sarkozy, says to Tony Blair etc. YouTube has got many critiques and recommendations from celebrities telling YouTube lets any one post negative info about them and they live it like this the entire live.    

YouTube is used by much business to show their products. Mac Donald’s their new menus and advertisement.   Universities show their campus, best researches etc, Apple computer shows their new innovation products, a software company can show how to use their programs.  Every company can have a lot of benefit by using YouTube. Also its use by celebrities who like to promote their songs. YouTube is accessible to everybody who has a computer and an internet connection so millions of people receive the information from it.

YouTube can interact with Facebook (you can post YouTube videos there), Google, internet explorer and whatever technologies that use multimedia and videos.

The benefits are that you can access it from anywhere in the world to all kinds of music videos and video clips of TV, movies or artists, but also have problems because privacy is lost, and many artists and companies have lost a lot of money by piracy on YouTube. On the other hand, many people are affected, without their consent as published videos or photos of their personal life. The results can be a big problem like kidnapping by publications that give extra info like where you live, were you study etc, or even divorces by posting wrong info.

YouTube has replaced the looking for the music you like on the radio because now you can type the song you want to hear on YouTube and you hear it straightaway, also YouTube has replace seeing T.V because now you can see your programs at the hour you like on YouTube, CD´S are starting to despair because you can hear with no cost at all the new album your favorite singer has post, some other things that YouTube has replace are DVD´S and DVD reproducer.         

 YouTube has change our lives in many aspects, for example the way to listen to music, before people could see a singer just on live or in some TV shows, but now you can see the singer on YouTube when you want.  If you don´t know something, you can look for a video on YouTube with the instructions, for instance a recipe for cook a meal, the best way to repair car, or  a homework  for school, etc. In general YouTube helps us to have a life more comfortable and easy, could you imagine making all these without YouTube? To make a recipe you well need to buy a book who tells the instructions, you will need to take the car to repair, and you would need to look the home work by reading articles. Honesty I prefer to do all that at YouTube


 In future we will have more multimedia information at YouTube:  top secret news, concerts, educations, advertising books, etc. Videos will become more and more complex and realistic (high definition, 3D videos etc.) and at the same time it will be more accessible for massive public in that way that people will interact more and more with the technology.  

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